Broadband Data Solutions



Carrier Grade Performance and Reliability

Wireline offer carrier grade data services providing enterprise with private WAN, IPVPN and Internet access. Our multi carrier access tails ensure that you have the highest availability with no single point of failure. Services are delivered as Layer 2 or 3 over our MPLS network with IPv4 or IPv6 BGP or static routing.

We deliver network access using multiple diverse carriers allowing high speed, fully redundant access to your site. Single carrier link or network failures are events that can be avoided by using Wireline. You get superior performance and reliability for your private IP or Internet connectivity which is fundamental for your business performance.

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High capacity, low cost

Unlike traditional carriers, our fixed data services are supplied with unlimited quotas at a fixed price lower or comparable to those with limits. You gain budget certainty as we have no hidden or excess fees.

Modern Access Technologies

Wireline uses modern last mile access tails from all leading carriers to provide the widest coverage including regional and rural areas.

Access TypeSpeeds
Business ADSL2+ AnnexM~20/3Mbps
Business SDSL1-4Mbps
EFM2Mbps - 40Mbps
Fibre100Mbps - 1Gbps
NBN12/1Mbps - 100/25Mbps

Our network uses backhaul and connectivity from multiple carriers to deliver maximum availability and performance. All customers on our network are wholesale, business or government ensuring no over-subscription in our core network.


Class Leading Quality of Service

Wireline is one of only two carriers in Australia to offer an incredibly sophisticated Layer-7 QoS network to enterprise customers based on Deep Packed Inspection (DPI) technology.

This allows fine grained complex policies to be prioritised, shaped, blocked based upon protocol, time of day, individual end-user, etc.

This means you could prioritise Web browsing on your network without prioritising Facebook or shape Youtube SD videos to 1Mbit/s but Youtube HD videos to 4Mbit/s. Save money and buy just the capacity you need by prioritising business centric or time sensitive traffic on your network.

24x7 monitoring and fault recovery

We are a fully Australian operation with engineer level support and 24/7 network monitoring. We offer enterprise clients direct escalation paths to senior account management and executives. Our multi carrier redundancy ensures your network is available when you need it.

Cost Effective IP-VPN

In addition to industry standard IP-VPN, we can deliver private and public IP transit on a single access interface handed-off to you as multiple or trunked interfaces.

Now linking sites within a VPN and providing Internet access is simple, robust, secure, reliable and cost-effective.

Cost Centre Billing

Our custom developed billing and provides unrivalled accuracy and granularity in billing such as individual business unit or per user billing.

Ancillary Services

We can provide a number of other business critical services such as managed routers, hosting, co-location, web and email anti-virus and anti-spam filtering to give you the most manageable and cost effective solution.

Unrivalled Network Intelligence

Our unique DPIaaS platform provides unrivalled insight into your network on a per-user or network basis.

In addition to applying sophisticated policies and network quality of service, you can observe each individual protocol used on either an individual service or the network as a whole on both inbound, outbound and the number of TCP/UDP connections on a time-series basis.

Track every protocol used on your network and ascertain what proportion of utilisation and when each is used. Our systems can detect thousands of protocols including:

  • HTTP, HTTP Download, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo
  • Youtube SD, Youtube HD, Vimeo, ABC iView
  • Citrix, RDP, SSH
  • SIP VoIP, Skype, RDP
  • Malicious virus or suspicious email traffic

Regular reports are emailed to you in PDF and CSV format allowing trending or other analysis to occur so you can operate your network at optimum by adjusting your policies and capacity.

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