Cloud Carrier Enablement

Do you want the flexibility and commercial advantage of operating your own layer-2 network? Would you like to deploy a POP in another state but don't have the capital or scale?

Our enablement product provides a full virtual layer-2 network in the cloud that you can control and interconnect with your own IP and last mile suppliers. We provide:

  • Virtual BNG supporting PPPoE, PPPoE/L2TP and IPoE
  • Virtual router supporting BGP
  • Connectivity to your preferred IP transit providers and nbn
  • API using SOAP/XML or REST OpenAPI
  • Layer-3 or Layer-2 hand-off
  • RADIUS AAA including proxy RADIUS

How does it work?

Your operational and billing systems interact with our APIs in order to provision and manage services to your business rules. We can also proxy RADIUS AAA too.

We terminate your end-user connection and manage all aspects of their network admission and control. You get on with running your business and leave the capital and operational expenses of running your own network behind.

Cloud DPI

Our Layer-7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) network intelligence platform analyses data flows in a network to identify protocols and behaviours using heuristic and pattern based analysis. Traffic is identified and policy controlled to:

  • Save money on transit and CVC
  • Provide superior customer experience
  • Fine grained network analysis and reporting
  • Usage dispute resolution
  • integrate with RADIUS AAA

Our DPI as a service permits access to smaller RSPs to this unique technology with no capital outlay and acquired on a per-megabit basis. In addition to network management, our platform provides real-time and historical reporting of traffic right down to the individual AVC level which is useful for service assurance, planning and marketing.

Cloud DPI is available at these data centres.